Uganda Twinning Project

Posted by on April 25, 2014

Denis Agaba has worked hard  with Nicky Bolton and Emma Tyrell to develop excellent links between 10 schools in Chester and the Kisoro District of Uganda. Schools have exchanged letters and are now busy developing environmental projects together. Overleigh St. Marys Primary School in Chester have already generated over £300 to sponsor tree planting with their twin school Rubuguri Primary. Have a look at out “Twinning Schools” cartoons for more information.

A big thank you to all the children who chose to sponsor a tree to be planted in Uganda for £5 instead of having an Easter egg this Easter. They include….

Bev Atherton, Olivia Baudet, Barney Bowen, Ellen Bryson, Hannah Bryson, Max Bryson, Ruby Chaloner, Rosin and Patrick Clark , Erica Cowley, Emilie Crisp, Harry Crisp, Oliver Davies, Drew Davis, Joseph Dawber, Craig Duggan, Georgina Duggan, Harry Dunmore-Mitchell, Penny Dutton, Hugo Essery, Harley Evison-Jones, James Fawcett, Nathan Fawcett, Andy Forrest, Ben Forrester, Madison Gandy, Jonny Hancock , Ali Hancock, Isabelle Hutton, Rory Jones, Meika Kilgannon, Zoe Knapp, Phoebe Mack, Constantino Maoudis, Loyus McCarry, Daniel McDermott, Emily Mc Dermott, Felix McLaughlin, Daisy McLaughlin, Ella Miller, Elisha Mosley, Teresa Owen, Sam Owens, Alice Pearson, Fletcher Pearson, Matthew Phelan, Julie Randles, Cosmic Canteen, Lillie Robb, Ruby Rodden, Gareth Rogers, Pan Rouhani Manesh, Niamh Shapland, Emma Shorthall, Khara Smith, Sienna Taylor, James Townsley, Dougal Warwick Davies, Andy Hill, Anna Whiteley and Jane Webb

Also planted in memorandum for Tom and Dorothy Kirby and James and Eileen Burton

Please contact Nicky Bolton- GAFI UK Schools Coordinator, if you would like your school to raise money for tree planting. Every child will receive a certificate and a pencil inscribed ” I planted a tree for the Gorillas”

Download the certificate for gorillas- Bright valley


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