Uganda Pedal Power 2010

Posted by on November 16, 2010

Throughout most of November 2010, Madelaine Westwood, GAFI’s Director, led the start of the first conservation education roadshow to use the innovative Pedal Power Cinema.

With colleagues from The Gorilla Organisation, Madelaine travelled to remote areas of Southern Uganda, close to one of the remaining habitats of the mountain gorilla. In this first stage, the team reached nearly 14,000 people – showing them films about the lives of gorillas. The awareness raised is a vital step in connecting the local human population with the issues related to the conservation of these apes.

These villages would have been all but inaccessible to a roadshow that used traditional transport and power. However, the pedal-power model means that communities in areas that are without electricity and difficult to access by road are able to gather in large numbers and watch a film – sometimes for the first time. And they could even take it in turns to provide the power! You can see amazing footage from the roadshow on this YouTube clip: The Bike that helps save the gorilla.

Villagers in Uganda, by Madelaine Westwood

Villagers in Uganda, by Madelaine Westwood

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