British Ironworks Event

Posted by on April 25, 2014

GAFI are delighted to be working alongside the British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry. Uri Geller, famous TV personality and illusionist has asked the Ironwork Centre to create a gorilla sculpture from a mixture of iron and spoons collected from schools around the country. The gorilla will be unveiled on Saturday 17th May at the Ironwork Centre and then airlifted to Uri Gellar’s garden, where it will be a special feature for his charity open days. To support this venture GAFI (Great Ape Film Initiative) will be joining Uri Geller with our new UK Pedal powered cinema, showcasing a series of films about the conservation of the gorillas. Clive Knowles, Managing Director of the British Ironwork Centre said ”Creating the British Spoon appeal has been so rewarding , without the spoon appeal we would never have known about GAFI , now we are working to support each other, their cause is so important and we are quite literally honoured to be fortunate enough to assist.



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