There are many ways to help GAFI.  You are just a click away from playing an important part in our work… 


All money donated to GAFI goes directly to great ape conservation. GAFI is run entirely by volunteers, so overheads are kept to an absolute minimum.

What Your Money Does for Great Apes

Here are some suggestions of what your money can acheive. However, this is not a definitive list; we would love to hear your ideas!

GAFI Films

Sponsor a GAFI FilmGAFI needs funding for sets of films to be copied and delivered to new non-government organisations, national TV audiences and government ministers in the countries it already works in, plus of course we have 10 new countries to begin work in.


To produce a DVD copy of a film to raise awareness in Africa, Malaysia or Indonesia costs only £15.

Sets of GAFI films

In order to supply the many requests we have received from NGO’s in Africa, Malaysia and Indonesia with films, It would cost £100 to get a set of films to a country.

We have 13 countries so far working with us, and 10 new ones to get to. Each country has a target of 4-6 NGOs with 4 projects each, plus the television audience,….in other words we are looking at a minimum of 17 sets of GAFI films in each language (French and English) per country.


Sponsor a GAFI QuestionnaireIn order to ensure we are answering the concerns of communities, questionnaires need to be printed and analysed to help us to establish how best to support each community on a local level.

A donation of £40 will help us to print these important documents.


Sponsor a Laptop or Donate an old Laptop or Data ProjectorData projectors, laptops and screens (or even just a pot of white paint!) are all essential components of screening environmental films. Having this equipment would allow the screening of GAFI films in remote villages, community centres and schools.

Is your company or school upgrading your equipment? Why not donate old equipment to GAFI this would provide invaluable support to under resourced partner organisations

Special discounts are given to GAFI but with postage it costs us £1,000 to buy a data projector which will stand field conditions for a number of years, and a further £500 for a screen and laptop.
Once procured, this equipment would remain with our partner organisations and could be used regularly to reach countless people during outreach programmes.


Africa is home to 3 of the Great ape species.

Sponsor a screening for as little as £1000 . This will help GAFI extend their current range to facilitate environmental awareness film screenings in all countries that provide a home for endangered bonobos, gorillas and chimpanzees.

Sponsor a Screening in Africa


Make a contribution to preserving Great apes by donating towards a bespoke GAFI film. Together with partner NGO’s GAFI plans to screen environmental awareness films to hard to reach communities


Traveling educational campaigns to hard to reach communities combined with a debate about issues facing the people and wildlife have been very effective in increasing environmental awareness

The roadshows provide a unique opportunity for people to voice their concerns about issues facing communities and wildlife.

These extensive campaigns cost only £5000