GAFI Success

In the first four years of operating GAFI has achieved outstanding success.

  • Over 300 million people have now seen the films including government ministers, decision makers, village elders, plantation workers, university and school children and wildlife management personnel.
  • GAFI now works in 14 of the Great ape range states, in partnership with more than 40 local and international NGOs
  • GAFI has been supported by UK government, US Fish and Wildlife, Government of Cameroon, Government of Congo and the Indonesian Government.
  • GAFI has given talks to European Space Agency, Bristol Festival of Nature, Conference for sustainability of Great apes, Nigerian Field Society, Oxford Brookes University, Wildscreen Film Festival, International Wildlife Film Festival, Zoological Society of London, Conservation Education Forum
  • GAFI contributed to the production of local issue films in Sumatra and Africa

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  • In 2005, GAFI took Patrick Rouxel’s film ‘Losing Tomorrow’ on road shows throughout SE Asia to create awareness of deforestation, palm oil plantations and support local solutions. One local community was so strongly affected by the content of a GAFI film on deforestation and the economic effect on the local communities, that they requested GAFI’s assistance to create their own film (entitled ‘Dear Mr. President’) to present their conservation concerns directly to their President. President Susilo of Indonesia received the film and in response constructed a Conservation Strategy for Forestry and Orangutans at the Climate Change Conference in Bali

Watch Dear Mr President here: