GAFI Future

Although sustainable solutions take time, if we do not act now we will lose precious biodiversity and critically endangered species will slip away within the next 10-15 years.

GAFI is entirely reliant on the donations of governments, organisations and individuals in order to be able to do its work. The phenomenal success GAFI has had in disseminating critical information on conserving great apes and their habitats can only continue if there are sufficient funds to support these actions.

In addition to the projects that GAFI is currently supporting, GAFI has several project targets that if put into action will play pivotal roles in conserving tropical forest habitat both for great ape populations and the human communities that depend on these critical resources for survival:

1. Increase the reach of GAFI and Partners:

a) Continue to extend the distribution, screenings and monitoring of GAFI films to all great ape range states.
b) Liaise with National Television broadcasting stations to air the GAFI films across relevant regions.

2. Target key conservation concerns in Partner regions and discuss alternative solution strategies:
a) Through interviews with local populations.
b) Through workshops with community representatives and employment agencies.

3. Increase the economic potential for GAFI Partners and Stakeholders:
a) Employ key personnel from each country to manage, screen and monitor the GAFI library.
b) Produce and screen training videos emphasising alternative livelihoods to deforestation. Create bespoke training films tailored to represent the relevant social and political environments.

4. Deliver GAFI sponsored intensive workshops to local community representatives to deploy the skills required to implement the alternative solutions strategies represented in the Partner films.

5. Conduct two 6-week film making workshops to train key local Partner representatives in filmmaking
a) Films produced in local languages aimed at transferring skills into the hands of local conservationists.
b) Apprentices to be trained by GAFI, expert film crew (e.g. Nicky Lankester, and Patrick) including a:  producer, camera person, sound person, editor and director.
c) Film equipment given to each Partner plus insurance for one year.

6. Provide ongoing support (tech, admin and PR) for filmmaking in each country.

7. Provide ongoing translation, monitoring and analysis of progress.

8. Extended the current range of GAFI talks to increase exposure and promote GAFI projects.

9. Implement our pilot pedal-powered cinema project in Uganda and develop a blueprint for further projects.

10. Support PASA sanctuaries with legal information regarding broadcasters and filming on their premises to ensure both parties benefit.

11. Increase the number of French films in our libraries.

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