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through the power of film and television.

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GAFI is an innovative, grass-roots based organisation that aims to promote great ape conservation by engaging and inspiring people to create local and sustainable solutions to the problems facing great apes and their environments around the world.

GAFI uses cinema and television to help save the endangered animals in their vulnerable habitats in places like Africa and South East Asia. Reaching millions of people whatever the culture or country, television is foremost media touching our lives.

To Madelaine Westwood (Founder of GAFI) and her team, it was an obvious tool to use to reach everyone be it a state president to an agricultural farmer; to army officers to school students, young and old. Screening wildlife documentaries to people that shared or impacted the same habitat as an endangered animal, was highlighting the cause where it mattered and where a real difference can be made immediately.


“Hope4Apes At The Savoy” was a hugely successful charitable event on the 27th September 2013. Hosted by Sir David Attenborough, this once in a lifetime event celebrated the power of apes on screen with clips from defining moments in natural history film using Pedal Power. Culminating in an auction at the end of the night, money raised will help selected projects around the world working tirelessly for Ape Conservation.

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GAFI Schools Tour

GAFI has been involved in outreach activities across schools in the UK. With money raised through the GAFI Schools Project, more Pedal Power cinemas can be established in Uganda.






PASA Report from Uganda

Pedal Powered Cinema in Sumatra

Pedal Power success in DR Congo!

How pedal power is helping Uganda’s mountain gorillas

Uganda Pedal Power

GAFI Pedal Power Uganda, ©Colin Tonks

During the month of August, Pedal Power screenings were extended to Kabale district where some few schools were visited and screened though part of the month was a holiday. Read the full article GAFI has sent it’s 2nd Pedal Powered Cinema to the Sumatran Orangutan Society in Indonesia. We’ll keep you posted with any updates from SOS. The pedal powered cinema will be an absolute boon to Virunga National Park, DR Congo. A cinema kit was delivered to Rumangabo, Park HQ, in March 2012. 

After the first film screening at Rumangabo school (with 721 children) the pedal powered cinema was described by Park staff as ‘an awesome piece of kit’. A better endorsement would be hard to find……

The Guardian | David Hewitt | 14 December 2011 

Bicycles are powering films that teach communities about the plight of the gorillas and their natural habitat

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GAFI in collaboration with Electric Pedals


GAFI would like to introduce, a group of people who are spending their lives trying to save chimpanzees.

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